Tea and Niceties Cafe

Tea and Niceties is one of my favourite tearooms and the best I have been to so far. I have been there 3 times and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants an elegant style of dining with food to match.

Tea and Niceties relocated to a new venue early this year and branched out into weddings, cafes and other function hire.   I have seen a lot of beautiful pictures from their Facebook site and have been meaning to check it out for myself. I finally convinced D to take me there on our week off for a relaxing afternoon at Mt Tamborine.

Tea and Niceties

Tea and Niceties

Tea and Niceties

The café offers a selection of meals for breakfast, lunch and sweet treats that were very reasonably priced.

Tea and Niceties

We both ordered the special Nutella Hot Chocolate drink that was advertised on the sign. Haha…the power of advertising!


Nutella Hot Chocolate

D had the Bacon and Egg Roll ($6). It looked simple but delicious.

Bacon and Egg

As for me, I went with the sweet option of Banana Bread with Honey and Whipped Butter ($4.50). I loved the presentation of the beautifully piped whipped butter.

Banana Bread

It tasted good, but the only problem I had was that this ‘little’ bird also shared the same opinion and tried to steal it from me!


Yes, we had been warned that the Kookaburras hadn’t had much to eat and to watch our food. Thankfully I managed to protect my food from them.

It was a quiet day at the café and that gave us plenty of opportunity to stroll around the garden and take pictures.

Tea and Niceties

Tea and Niceties

They even let me go into the tearoom and take pictures. How beautiful is that!

Tea and Niceties

Read the post from my previous visit here.

Tea and Niceties on Urbanspoon

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