Spaghetti House

I have been wanting to go to Spaghetti House ever since it opened in West End last year.  Being a lover of Italian food, especially pasta, I had high expectations of a restaurant that is named ‘Spaghetti House’.  Since it is my birthday month, I kinda have a free reign to choose where to dine and decided to try it out.

Spaghetti House

The restaurant was easy to find with its big red signboard.  After we were seated by their friendly waitress, we noticed there were olives and breadsticks on our table to nibble while browsing the menu.  I had already checked their menu online and decided what to order.

Olive and bread stick

For entrees, we ordered Pane all’ aglio aka Garlic Bread ($8.90 for 3 pieces) and Calamari ($19.90) to share.  The garlic bread was thinly sliced with a generous spread of garlic and olive oil.  It was enough to tease our appetite.  The Calamari was lightly crumbed, well salted and perfectly cooked.  We enjoyed it.


Garlic Bread

The waitress advised that the pasta servings are very generous and small would be sufficient unless we were really hungry.   I ordered small Cicale di Mare ($25.90) which consisted of Moreton bay bugs with fresh cherry tomatoes, chilli & basil on linguini.  I was impressed by the portion size and definitely agreed that three halves of bug on top of the pasta was generous.   The bugs looked sort of boiled which did not preserve its flavour very well.  The sauce was very tomatoey but what I disliked most about the dish was the overcooked pasta.  I would have liked my pasta al dente, but this was a bit too soft for my liking.  I finished the dish, but wasn’t very impressed.

Cicale di Mare

D ordered the large Orecchiette alla Norcina ($25.90) which was a sort of ear-looking pasta with sausage, onion, tomato, wine & cream.   I had a few spoonful to taste and enjoyed it more than mine.  The sauce was richer and the pasta held its shape better.

Orecchiette alla Norcina

I can finally tick this place off my wish list, but unfortunately I won’t be back.  I was unimpressed by the dishes and felt that I was able to cooking something better at home.  Furthermore, I have recently acquired a Pasta attachment for my KitchenAid which means homemade pasta as well.  🙂

The Spaghetti House on Urbanspoon

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