Degustation @ Deer Duck Bistro

I came to know about Deer Duck Bistro through a foodie friend who has been wanting to go there for a while.  When the 6 course degustation deal came up on Scoopon’s site, she organised a ladies night out so we could all check this place out.  The advertised price for a 6 course degustation on their website is $95 and the deal was $129 for two ($64.50 per person).  It seemed like a good price, so we happily agreed to go along.

Deer Duck Bistro is located at the intersection of Milton Road and Grimes Street.  We drove past it the first time as there was no clear signage from the road.  In fact, the only signage we saw was when we entered the shop.

Deer Duck Bistro

We were quite impressed by the layout of the place.  Antique style furniture and artwork provided a warm and romantic feeling.  It may not be so necessary for our group of 4 ladies, but we did feel really comfortable and relaxed.



We told them during booking that we had a non-fish and dairy-free dietary requirement in our group.  They were very accommodating and handled our dietary requirements very well.

The waitress was very friendly and took her time to explain all the dishes as they were served to us.  Needless to say, we very impressed with the service and level of detail provided.  The night went very smoothly and the dishes were paced very well.  We did not feel rushed or that we waited too long between dishes.

Below were the 6 courses we had:

1. House-baked Bread with Smoked Butter.  I couldn’t recall what the non-dairy bread was, but it came with an olive based butter.  The bread was warm and both the olive and butter tasted good.

House Bread

2. Truffle and Mushroom Consommé with Pork Crackling.  This was a palate cleanser, so I figured it was part of the first dish.  The consommé was very light but we could still smell the aroma from the truffle and mushroom.  I loved the pork crackling as it was crunchy and well-salted.  Yum yum!

Truffle Mushroom Consomme

3. Fresh Ocean Trout with Miso and Finger Lime OR Tofu with Miso and Finger Lime (vegetarian option).  This seemed like a very delicate dish in a big bowl.  In fact, I was initially disappointed when I saw the size of my tofu miso.  However, I was comforted by the amazing taste of the dish.  The drops of wasabi were not over-powering like the ones from a Japanese restaurant.  It was light and complimented the dish very well.

Ocean Trout


4. Pressed Lamb, Prune, Jerusalem Artichoke 4 ways (Puree, Dehydrated, Pickled and Roasted), Thyme Meringue and Thyme Jus.  I think it is brilliant what they did with the artichoke, I liked all 4 components.  The waitress even came around with a jug of jus and offered extra to those that wanted an extra kick.  This reminded me of My Kitchen Rule’s Manu with his famous phrase, ‘Where is the jus?’.  Looked like they listened to him 🙂

Pressed Lamb

5. Blue Cheese, Celery Gel, Oatcake and Pressed Pear OR Mushroom replacement for the dairy free option.  I am not a big fan of blue cheese or celery so unfortunately this was my least favourite dish.  To be fair, the celery gel and pressed pear did balance out the strong blue cheese flavour and I did finish the dish.

Blue Cheese


6.  Passionfruit cloud, rose granita and lemon balm.  This was yet another palate cleanser before dessert.  It had two of my favourite flavours – passionfruit and rose, what’s not to like?

Passionfruit cloud

7.  Beetroot and Chocolate Cake.  This dish consisted of beetroot sorbet on flourless chocolate sponge, beetroot ganache on chocolate mousse, white chocolate beetroot mousse and balsamic chocolate stick.  The balsamic chocolate stick was a hit.  I liked every component on the plate apart from the beetroot sorbet, an acquired taste.  This was the only thing I left on my plate.  The dairy free option was a pear sorbet dish.

Chocolate and Beetroot

Pear Sorbet

Overall, it was a wonderful fine dining experience.  There was a lot of thought and work that went into each dish, which translated well into what we had on the plate.  Thanks ladies for the great night out!




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