Food Delivery from Il Castello Pizzeria using Menulog

It’s early in the week and our motivation to cook dinner after work was a bit low. While looking around for options to eat, we decided to try out the Menulog website which prides itself on being the No. 1 for Online Takeaway.   In this case we had added motivation as Menulog had recently offered us a $30 voucher to try out their online ordering service.

We searched for restaurants in our area and, being fans of Italian, Il Castello Pizzeria caught our eye.

We looked through the menu on the website and navigated through the ordering system. I found Menulog very flexible and easy to use, especially with the option to customize (add/remove) pizza toppings.

We ordered a Half and Half Regular pizza – The Don and The Mafia ($19), Beef Lasagne ($12.90) and a side of Sweet Chilli Bread ($4).

The delivery fee to our area was $7. We placed the order at 6.35pm and received an email confirmation, followed by SMS confirmation that the expected delivery time was 7.30pm.   It gave us a bit of time to chill out and wait in the comfort of our own home. At 7.26pm we heard a knock on our door – I was quite impressed with their punctuality.

The food smelt really good and we wasted no time digging in. We started with the Sweet Chilli Bread. It looked like a cute pizza in the box. Pizza bread, cheese and sweet chilli – a good way to start the meal.

Sweet Chilli Bread

The Mafia is a tomato-based pizza with cheese, pepperoni, chilli flakes, olives and anchovies. D is not a fan of anchovies, so we opted to leave that out. The taste was ok, but I was secretly hoping for more of a flavour hit from the chilli flakes.

The other half, the Don is a BBQ/mayo-based pizza with chicken, bacon, capsicum, onion, chilli flakes, cheese. I really liked this pizza. It was meaty, cheesy and saucy! Yum!

Half and half pizza

Finally, D’s favourite dish, the Beef Lasagna. The taste was good, but we wished there was more meat and less layers of lasagna sheets. In saying that, that was the first plate that got cleaned up 🙂


Overall, we enjoyed the home delivered meal from Il Castello. No cooking required, food delivered to our door while we put our feet up – what’s not to like?

As for our experience with Menulog, we found it easy to use and will definitely use it again for takeaway orders.

Disclaimer: We received a voucher from Menulog which subsidised part of the meal.


Il Castello on Urbanspoon

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