Passionfruit Chiffon Cake

Recently I have ventured out of my comfort zone and added a different style of cake to my repertoire: chiffon cake. Chiffon cake is light, airy and fluffy. It is made with oil instead of butter and the fluffiness is achieved by folding the batter with meringue.

Baking chiffon cake requires a special aluminium pan. My mum brought me the cake pan from overseas and it had been sitting untouched in my drawer for over two years.

The cake is actually meant to stick to the side of the pan so you should not grease it. During the cooling process, the cake is turned upside down for it to maintain its height and texture.

I had a few fresh passionfruit in the fridge so I had a go at making Passionfruit Chiffon Cake. I used the recipe from Cook.Bake.Love.

The result was marvellous! The cake was so light that I could eat the whole thing in a single sitting. I loved it so much that I made Strawberry Chiffon Cake the following night. I used the same recipe, but replaced the passionfruit pulp with strawberry jam. Both tasted great so I will definitely make more of these in the future.

Passionfruit Chiffon

Passionfruit Chiffon

One thought on “Passionfruit Chiffon Cake

  1. It must have been nice to successfully christen the pan your mamma gave you. You’re like me, if I find a great recipe, I can’t wait to make it again (and to change it up a little bit too).

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