La Via

After my visit to Italy two years ago, I know that I can happily survive on pasta and gelato alone. Italian cuisine is definitely my favourite but we’ve struggled to find decent local Italian restaurants.

D looked to Urbanspoon for answers and found an Italian restaurant called “La Via”. It was highly rated so we decided to give it a try.

La Via La Via

The decor was simple yet classy with plenty of al fresco dining. Booking is essential as the place was packed and we saw many groups turned away who had not made bookings.

When it came time to order we couldn’t go past the Arancini balls ($16) as a shared entree. Since we always share we decided to get a pizza and a pasta dish to try them both out.

D ordered the Wagyu Bresaola Pizza ($23) and I ordered the special of the day for pasta ($29), a beef cheek ragu with butternut pumpkin and S shaped pasta.

The Arancini balls were a little disappointing as they were visibly quite burnt. The inside was far more pleasant, filled with macaroni and 4 cheese sauce & accompanied by a tasty smoked paprika aioli.  If not for the burnt taste this would have been a great dish.


Macaroni & 4 Cheese Arancini with Smoked Paprika Aioli

The pizza was magnificent – it’s amazing what you can achieve with a few simple but very tasty ingredients.

Wagyu bresaola pizza

Wagyu Bresaola, Roast Garlic, Truffle Oil and Parmesan

The pasta was beautifully cooked and you could tell it was freshly made. The beef cheek ragu was very tender and the pumpkin brought a sweetness to the dish. I still think I prefer tomatoey sauces but this was still enjoyable.

Beef Cheeks Ragu with Pumpkin Pasta

Beef Cheeks Ragu with Pumpkin Casarecce Pasta

We had a wonderful night and enjoyed the food.  In saying that, the pizza alone was good enough to ensure a return visit.  🙂

La Via on Urbanspoon

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