Flute Fine Food

One lazy Saturday morning, we headed off to Flute Fine Food (Coorparoo) in search of food.  There were a few groups of people in the line ahead of us but the waitstaff were very friendly and came every few minutes to assure us we hadn’t been forgotten. Overall, we only waited for about 10 minutes.

We started with a cappuccino ($4) and mocha ($4.5). I must say I was very impressed with the mocha. It came with a small cup of melted chocolate for us to mix with the coffee. At least we know that they are using real chocolate & not just cocoa powder 🙂



For food, we ordered Flute Signature Breakfast ($22) and Breakfast Complete ($24).  The Flute Signature Breakfast came with Turkish pide, bacon, spiced tomato jam, avocado, poached eggs, potato gallette with white wine sauce.  It was scrumptious!

Flute Signature Breakfast

The Breakfast Complete was amazing too!  It was similar to Flute Signature Breakfast with the addition of a whole chorizo sliced into half and fries with aioli, minus the avocado.  They ran out of fries that morning and offered us an extra serve of potato gallette.

Breakfast Complete

There was definitely no shortage of food on the table.  Both meals combined were large enough to feed 4 people.  Looks like we have ordered more than we can chew 🙂

We also noticed that they were very generous with chocolates. Even the bill came with a few slices of chocolates… a nice touch!

Flute Fine Food on Urbanspoon

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