Australia Day & Farewell High Tea at Le Jardin, Palazzo Versace

The ladies planned a farewell outing for one of our good friends who is moving back to Singapore. Our initial plan for a picnic in the beach had to be cancelled due to rainy weather. We had to look for someplace indoor that is still fun and memorable. After looking and asking around for suggestions, we came across Palazzo Versace. As none of us have been there before, we decided to give it a go and head down to the lobby bar, Le Jardin for High Tea.

Le Jardin is a casual restaurant located right at the lobby. Besides high tea, it serves light meals such as antipasti, cheese, oysters and a range of salads.

We ordered the Fashionista High Tea ($45pp) that is available between 11am to 5pm. High tea was served in a 3-tier stand, shared two ways.

The bottom tier consists of a quiche, a sausage roll and 4 scones. With only a single quiche and sausage roll, we either had to fight for it, or cut it in half to share. We went for the more civilised way and cut it in half so we both could have a taste.

We had a choice of apricot, cherry and strawberry Bonne Maman preserves to go with the scones. After tasting all three, I have to say that the classic scones with strawberry jam and cream is still the best.

The second tier consists of an assortment of sandwiches (ham and cheese, smoked salmon and egg) and sliced bread with dip.

The top tier consisted of a range of sweets themed around Australia Day: meringue with passionfruit curd, lamington, chocolate éclair, fruit tart, chocolate cakepop, chocolate macaron, tiramisu chocolate cup, lemon mini cupcake and macadamia tart.

Overall, we found the food to be just average. My least favourite was the fruit tart because the pastry was too soggy and the chocolate cakepop which was overly sweet. On the other hand, I loved the macadamia tart – crumbly pastry, nutty but not sickly sweet. The sundried tomato dip was another favourite which went really well with the toasted bread.

Throughout the service, we noticed that the waitresses were rather unfriendly and did not smile even once. Although it had never bothered me in the past, this was quite obvious and slightly uncomfortable. For a classy hotel/restaurant like this, I expected a higher level of customer service.

In the end, the most important thing is that we enjoyed ourselves and had a few good laughs along the way. Which we did. 🙂

Le Jardin on Urbanspoon

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