Pirate Cupcakes

Last Wednesday was the International Talk Like a Pirate Day. We had an event at work which included dressing up and talking like a pirate, as well as a cupcake fundraising.

I made some pirate cupcake toppers during last weekend in preparation for that. The tools used were:
a) Big scone cutter for the pirate face and hat
b) Edge of piping tip for the mouth
c) Tear drop cutter for the eye patch

With lots of fun and a bit of help from D, we managed to put together 15 little pirate faces.

The cupcakes were freshly made the night before using the Lemon Cupcake Recipe. I doubled the recipe and made about 30 cupcakes. The toppers were glued on the cupcakes using buttercream. The remaining cupcakes were decorated with piped buttercream rose.

The response was wonderful and all cupcakes were sold out on the day (including cupcakes made from my other colleagues)! Thanks to all who supported, we managed to raise a substantial amount of money for the cause 🙂

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