Olympics: Ancient to Modern

In the spirit of the Olympic Games, the most talked about topic this week, I have decided to share some pictures from my trip to Greece last year.

Our tour group explored the ancient ruins of Olympia, where I stood on the first Olympic Stadium. This was where the first Ancient Olympic Games was held back in 776BC. It started off with running as the ONLY event in the Olympics.

The ancient game was held to honour the mythological Greek God, Zeus. The game lasted until 394AD when Rome reigned over Greece and Christianity became the state religion of Rome.

The Modern Olympic Games was revived in 1896AD in Athens. A young Frenchmen, Pierre de Coubertin brought revival to the games to inspire sportsmanship. Our tour group made a stop at the Panathenaic stadium where the first modern Olympics took place.

It was an incredible experience to go back in time and appreciate the sights from different era in history. 

Back to the topic of Olympics,  I have never been to a real game.  If you have any pictures or stories to share, feel free to me drop a comment.

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