Lesson 6 ~ The Finale

All good things have to come to an end, so is our favourite cake decorating class.

I am very amazed how much I have learnt in the past 6 weeks. I went from never dealing with fondant, to now fully covering a cake with fondant and making wonderful decorations such as roses and bows. This is definitely more than what I have hoped to achieve in class.

With a last minute change in my cake design (due to an upcoming event on the weekend), I had to scrap my initial ideas and reworked on my design. I wanted the cake to be used for a special event, so I planned a housewarming on the weekend as a ‘reason’ to use the cake.

I started making little head figurines to represent D & I.

However, I went to get a perm and realised the figurines need to be redone. Thankfully, the fix was easy and all I had to do was to add couple strands of curls.

I also really liked bows. So, after a few trials with designs and colours, I decided on a light yellow bow with stitches. The bow I made a home broke on the way to class, so I had to make another one in class. Thankfully, after a few practices, I have mastered fondant bow-making, so it wasn’t too difficult.

The pieces started to come together when the cake was finally assembled. The designed represented D and I looking out the window of our new home.

I was very happy with the cake but was also sad that it was the end of the class. Hopefully there will be more opportunities to practice and create beautiful cakes from now on.

Thank you Eleanor @ CakeAge for your patience and generosity in sharing your knowledge and the incredible 6 weeks experience!

My cake journey:
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Lesson 6 ~ The Finale


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