Lesson 5 ~ Chocolate + Cream = Ganache

Ever wondered how to perfectly ganache a cake? This week we learnt how to cover a whole cake with chocolate. It was a bit messy, but definitely Yum!!

The technique we used is very similar to the links below:
How to Make Chocolate Ganache
How to Ganache a Cake

To achieve a perfectly ganached cake takes a lot of practice and time. The chocolate also needs to be the right consistency and temperature to aide with the process.

One of my classmate injured her shoulder and creatively came up with an extreme ganaching technique. Good work L! đŸ™‚

At the end of the class, we have all create a sharp-edged perfectly ganached cake (with the help of our wonderful teacher, of course!)

My cake journey:
Lesson 1 ~ Cake Decorating
Lesson 2 ~ Piping Techniques
Lesson 3 ~ Roses, Strawberry and Letters
Lesson 4 ~ Cake Designs & Fondant
Lesson 5 ~ Chocolate + Cream = Ganache
Lesson 6 ~ The Finale

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