Keri Craig Emporium

I finally got around to writing this post about my high tea experience at Keri Craig Emporium. We saw the 2 for 1 voucher at Groupon and decided to organise a girls day out. The visit was in March, but I have been putting off blogging as the experience was sadly rather underwhelming.

Keri Craig Emporium is located in the lower level of Brisbane Arcade. According to their website, it “offers a unique shopping experience incorporating Fashion, Homeware, Gifts and licensed Fashion Cafe”.

Prior to our high tea visit, I have walked past Brisbane Arcade many times and never dropped in to Keri Craig Emporium. It looked rather exclusive and I was never brave enough to enter. Therefore, I was rather excited about finally visiting the store for high tea.

I was running late, but my friends who arrived ‘on time’ were waiting at the counter for at least 15 minutes before being acknowledged and shown to their seat. First impression = fail. We found the service pretty average and almost non-existent. Not only was it quite hard to get the waitress’ attention, but when we finally did, we were not presented with friendly service.

The food came in an elegant 3-tier stand.

The first tier was an assortment of sandwiches and quiches. It was simple and ordinary.

The second tier was the traditional scones with jam and cream. This was my favourite of the day.

The final tier was the sweets tier with a custard tartlet and rich lemon tart. The lemon tart was extremely lemony and zesty – it was entertaining to watch each other’s reaction after taking the first bite. :S

Overall, we were not overly excited by the food and it is unlikely that we will return. 

As for the fashion part, the style was beyond our age. However, this might be a suitable place to bring mum or grandma for afternoon tea.

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