Lesson 2 ~ Piping Techniques

I think I may have found a cure to Monday blues. Our Monday cake decorating class has certainly brought excitement to start off the week.

I was nervous about baking in my new oven and took the advice to do a test cake. The cake turned out perfect and didn’t last very long in the house.

The ‘homework’ cake was a 5-star buttercake. The recipe was simple and straightforward; mix everything in a bowl, pour mixture in the baking tray and bake for 1 ¼ hours. We even had extra batter to make 2 mini cakes.   The result was a high, moist and evenly cooked cake. I am very impressed with the new oven!

For lesson 2, we learnt basic piping techniques such as star, flower, shell, swirl, letters and dots. It looked easy but requires a lot of practice to get it right.

We then moved on to decorate our cake with buttercream icing. The piping technique used was called the pretty petal effect. It was quite simple and yet looked beautiful.

My bow from last week broke and we had to salvage it by cutting off the top of the tail. It looked slightly distorted, so I decided to remove the tail completely.

And here’s a picture with my cake buddy.

I also found several sites with online tutorials on this pretty petal effect technique:
My Cake School

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