Lesson 1 @ Cake Decorating Class

I am starting a 6 weeks cake decorating class with CakeAge. The first lesson on Monday was fun, exciting and we have learnt more than we imagined in the first 2-hour session. Our teacher, Eleanor is very patient and definitely talented at making the lesson easy and enjoyable.

For our first lesson, we learnt how to colour the fondant, cover the cake board and make a big bow.

I am very impressed that I was making bow on my first class.  It looked like the one I had on my wedding cake!


At the end of the lesson, we were given ‘homework’ to bake a cake for the next lesson. I am very excited and can’t wait to see what we will learn next week!

Yes, and the Internet was finally installed yesterday. Phew, at least we don’t have to wait 8 years for it!

My cake journey:
Lesson 1 ~ Cake Decorating
Lesson 2 ~ Piping Techniques
Lesson 3 ~ Roses, Strawberry and Letters
Lesson 4 ~ Cake Designs & Fondant
Lesson 5 ~ Chocolate + Cream = Ganache
Lesson 6 ~ The Finale

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