Carolina Kitchen

With a shortage of good American grub, Carolina Kitchen fills a gap in the Brisbane food scene for Soul Food. It is not a fancy restaurant where you would go for a date night, but rather, a family-style eatery where you would go for a feast or take-away.

The type of food served is best enjoyed eating with your hands. If you are worried about looking messy, or smelling like smoked-BBQ, take-away might be a better option.

I chose this place for a night-out with my girlfriends. As I was running late, I asked the girls to go ahead and order first. When I arrived, I saw the generous serving of food at our table. Aside from the food, the thing that caught my eye was the can of A&W Root Beer on our table. I have been craving for Root Beer for a long time! Excitedly, I headed straight to the drinks fridge and got myself a can for $3.50.

We had the Carolina Pack ($40) which consists of 3 Ribs, 12 Buffalo Wings and New York Fries and a Corn Bread ($3.95). My favourite was the New York Fries – crispy fries with cheese, sour cream and salsa. I find the Corn Bread to be a bit dry, but the ribs were tender and saucy. We had the Mild Buffalo Wings, which was a bit unexciting for me.

It was a LOT of food for three girls to gobble down, so we ended up taking away half of the Buffalo Wings. Eating at Carolina Kitchen was an enjoyable experience, and to feed three people for under $50, it was a cheap night out.

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