Destination #2: Singapore

After spending 10 days in Kuching with most of the time bedridden due to food poisoning, we headed to the next destination. We were almost thinking of cancelling our trip to Singapore and catching an early flight back to Brisbane. Thank God I was just well enough to eat and walk on the day of our departure from Kuching.

It’s funny that, here I am writing about food, but there I was suffering from food poisoning. We were not able to pin it down to a specific source of food as we had been pigging out every day. I just had to be more careful about the type of food I eat and the hygiene of the places we eat from.

With the hope that my sickness will get better as Singapore is a cleaner city with higher regulations on food safety, we got on the plane. I was very glad we went to Singapore as planned. We got to catch up with a few old friends and enjoy the local cuisine.

The local Singaporean specialties that we got to try are:

1. Hainan Chicken Rice
This is a simple dish with poached chicken with lightly flavoured rice, ginger and chilli sauce. For us, the rice is the winner. It was so flavoursome that we can eat it without any accompaniments.

2. Kaya Toast
This is a popular snack or breakfast food consisting of toasted thinly sliced bread with kaya (Coconut Jam) spread and butter. Some shops offer variations such as Peanut butter toast, Cheese Toast and French Toast.

3. Soft-boiled egg
This is another simple breakfast that my Singaporean friend grew up eating. The way to eat this is to mix in soy sauce and pepper and mash it up. I was a bit hesitant to try this initially due to my recent food poisoning experience. However, I was glad I did as it was quite enjoyable…and I did not get sick.

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