Continuing on our quest to try new Japanese Restaurants in town, we ventured to Wagaya in the Valley. We had heard raving reviews about Wagaya, mainly centred on the new electronic ordering system. Being technology nerds, we decided to check it out for ourselves.

The touch screen ordering system is very impressive. Choose a dish, hit order, confirm, wait a few minutes and the food is delivered to your table. No kidding, that is how fast their service is! Of course, this presents a tendency to go overboard with your order, but the order history list will set you back on track. 🙂

We mainly ordered dishes to share, starting with Renkon chips (Deep Fried Lotus Roots with Spicy Salt), Takoyaki gratin (Octopus balls with Cheese topping) and Deep Fried Chicken Karaage. The Renkon chips were my favourite – addictively crispy and tasty. Takoyaki gratin was a surprisingly good combination of octopus balls with cheese. The deep fried chicken karaage was just mediocre; nothing spectacular.

Renkon Chips ($6.50)

Takoyaki Gratin ($7.30)

Deep Fried Chicken Karaage ($7.90)

We went on to order more dishes, but sadly it was downhill from here. 😦 Based on my experience, I would suggest staying away from the grilled dished unless you like overcooked, chewy meat. The Pork Skewer and Chicken Yakitori were both overcooked. Even the scallop (usually my favourite) was utterly disappointing, chewy and rubbery. What a waste of good seafood! The only saving grace for all 3 dishes was the tasty sauce.

Pork Skewer ($6.90)

Chicken Yakitori ($6.50)

Hotate Kushiyaki ($9.30)

Before we realised it, we had spent too much and were still left hungry. We decided to order a noodle dish to fill us up. Double thumbs up for Tantan Ramen. Spicy pork mince noodle soup – best dish of the night!

Tantan Ramen ($10.50)

We enjoyed the atmosphere but weren’t overly excited about the food. In saying that, I wouldn’t mind going back again to try their other dishes.

Wagaya on Urbanspoon

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