Red Lotus

Without a doubt, the Valley a.k.a. Chinatown contains a vast treasure trove of Oriental Cuisine.

In the midst of the countless Asian restaurants, Red Lotus presents itself as an up-market Vietnamese/Chinese Restaurant.

Its modern, romantic and relaxed atmosphere distinguishes it from the other Vietnamese restaurants across the road that are seemingly casual and older-looking.

The waiter was very friendly and attentive. He was helpful in offering suggestions when needed. He was also quick to notice that we ran out of water and offered to refill.

We really enjoyed the Vietnamese Style Tamarind King Prawns. The flavour of the tamarind sauce was very appetising: sweet, sour and spicy.

The crispy duck was tasty, but not extraordinary. The dish itself was rather dry, but it was complimented very well with sweet chilli sauce or soy sauce.

The meals are more expensive than surrounding restaurants but the service and decor go some way to making up for it. Overall, an enjoyable evening meal.

Red Lotus on Urbanspoon

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