Tea and Niceties

Tea and Niceties is everything you would expect from a classic European tearoom. Like its name suggests, it is all about tea and everything that is delicate and elegant.

Be warned though that the shop is extremely pink. From chair sashes, table decorations to staff uniforms, everything is one colour, PINK! Even the sugar is pink and sugar cubes are topped with a pink rose. There is definitely no lack of attention (or pink) here.

There is a choice between Traditional Tea ($40) and Elegant Tea ($45). Knowing in advanced that we will be given a box for the leftovers, we happily settled for the Elegant Tea. For a difference of five dollars, we get two savoury muffins, Panna Cotta and two additional petit fours. There was also a selection of 18 types of first grade teas to choose from.

The food is served on a 3-tier stand, sharing between two people. I was lucky (maybe?) to have my own stand because we had an odd number of people at our table. We spent the first few minutes admiring the daintiness of the food, before going on a photographing frenzy, snapping endless shots of the delectable delights from every angle. We wanted to make sure we did the place justice, capturing every bit of our experience.

We slowly worked our way from the bottom up, starting with the ribbon sandwiches, savoury muffins, scones to petite fours. Everything was very tasty, but if I had to pick a favourite, it would be the Chocolate Cup with Caramel and Mousse. I expected the mousse to be heavy and the caramel sickly sweet like others I have eaten before – but it was the exact opposite. The salty sweet caramel, topped with light and fluffy mousse in a chocolate cup was absolutely perfect!

Smooth & Creamy Panna Cotta

This is by far one of the best High Tea places I have been to in this region. It is highly recommended to anyone who wants to indulge in a bit of elegance from the past, or just share a relaxing day out with girlfriends. From experience, weekends are usually booked out up to a few weeks in advance so make sure you book early; and if you’re like us you’ll even have some leftovers to help with midnight munchies.

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