Saké Restaurant Brisbane

Ever since I heard of Saké opening in Brisbane, I have always wanted to give it a try.  The opportunity came when Dan asked me where I would like to go for my birthday.  Well, Sake is on my wish list and I get to choose where to go for my birthday, so it was an easy decision. 
The hostess who showed us to our table was very cheerful and friendly.  As she walked past the kitchen, she shouted a Japanese term and all the staff in the kitchen shouted back ‘Hai’ (we think?).  I am not sure if this is a common culture in Japan, but it was certainly an interesting experience.
Deciding what to eat was not an easy task.  The menu had so many things that we would like to eat and even though we ordered more than enough to feed the two of us, there are a few other dishes that we would like to try.  It sounds like a good reason to make another trip to this restaurant in the future. J
The kingfish, barramundi and salmon from the Sashimi Appetiser were very fresh.  A little bit of wasabi and a tinge of soy sauce was what if needed to fill the palate. 

The Coffin Bay Oyster topped with a bonito dashi jelly & golden flying fish roe was a new experience for us.   The bonito dashi jelly compliments the oysters very well.
One of our favourites was the Popcorn Shrimp.  The balance of flavour was amazing: sweet, sour and spicy.  I just couldn’t stop eating it!
The grilled skewers (Kushiyaki) were very tender and delicious.  We had the Chicken with Classic Teriyaki sauce and Pork Belly with Spicy Anticucho sauce.
The grilled eggplant, Nasu Miso however was the least favourite of the night.  The sauce was tasty, but the eggplant was a tad undercooked. 
For dessert, we had Chocolate Fondant with white sesame ice cream and Green-apple mille feuille. 

It was a great way to finish the meal, leaving us full, happy and looking forward to our next visit to Sake.

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