Il Vagabondo

We were introduced to the existence of this restaurant by Dan’s parents. After hearing many good comments about the food, we decided to give it a try.

It is located behind The Village Upper Mt Gravatt Shopping Centre. The ambience looks a bit plain and ordinary from outside. As we walked into the restaurant, we were greeted by their friendly host, Giovani (John). The plain ambience gradually transformed into a homely feel.

When the food reached our table, we were surprised by the size of our pasta dishes. It definitely represented the generosity of Sicilian (Italian) cuisine. Our initial doubt of not being able to finish the dish diminished when we had our first bite. We love the beautiful flavour combination on the dish: texture of al dente pasta, sweetness of tomatoes, spiciness of chilli, freshness of parsley and perfectly cooked crustaceans. It’s definitely the best pasta I’ve had. (Mind you, the chilli flakes and pepper can be quite spicy!)

Linguini with Moreton Bay Bugs

Spaghetti Gamberi

Their Cannoli is a must try.  I couldn’t decide between vanilla or chocolate filling, so I ended up getting half and half.

Cannoli with Vanilla and Chocolate filling
The only thing I wasn’t impressed with is their tortes.  The liqueur taste was too strong for my liking.
Torte al Italiana

Torte al gelato

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