Montréal Botanical Garden (Jardin botanique de Montréal)

The Montréal Botanical Garden is located right near the Biodôme and Olympic Park. It is free to stroll around the garden but it costs $14 to visit the Insectarium. I have decided to give it a pass since I am not a big fan of insects.
The 75-hectre site garden has over 30 thematic gardens, 10 exhibition greenhouses, Tree House and Arboretum. I did not manage to visit the entire area as my feet started to sore from too much walking. I only found out later that the best way to view the entire garden is to catch a Mini-Train.

With Tulips being in season now, the front yard to the Garden is covered with bright red and pink tulips.
The Perennial Garden is also filled with big and colourful tulips. Red, Maroon, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink, White and all the beautiful colours you can think of.
My favourite is this yellow Tulip. Not sure what it is called but the intricacy of the petal definitely caught my attention.

I have also come across this interesting heart-shaped landscape of Spanish Thrift.

My other favourites are the pink peonies. Yes, I’m a pink person and anything that is pink draws my attention.

Overall I enjoyed the lovely sight of the Botanical Gardens.

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